Find out more about the Mountain Pine Beetle:

  Mountain Pine Beetle Description

  Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan

The following websites contain more useful information regarding woodland caribou, applied research, and conservation initiatives:

   Boreal Caribou Research Program
Our research website contains annual research summaries, photos, literature, and information on the strategic planning and guidelines.

   Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
The Alberta Ministry of Sustainable Resource Development maintains a website that describes caribou ecology, status, and management outlook.

   Alberta Mountain Caribou Project
Here you can find more information on a cooperative research project that is integrating resource development and caribou conservation in west-central Alberta.

The Committee On the Status of Endangered Wildlife In Canada (COSEWIC) is a committee of experts that determines which wild species are at risk of disappearing from Canada.

   Mountain Caribou Recovery
Information on a cooperatively funded project started in 1995 by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, designed to significantly increase the endangered population of woodland caribou in the Selkirk Mountains of Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia.

This site details the importance of the human role in reindeer and caribou systems, and profiles past research and conferences.

   Project Caribou
An educators guide to wild caribou in North America, that contains activities and plans for elementary and secondary school students.

Find out more about Alberta’s caribou:

  Status of the Woodland Caribou in Alberta

  Provincial Caribou Recovery Plan

  Progress Report
2000/2001 Progress report on caribou research in west central Alberta, by T. Szkorupa

   Habitat Classification
Woodland caribou (
Rangifer tarandus caribou ) habitat classification in northeastern Alberta using remote sensing, by G.A. Sanchez-Azofeifa and R. Bechtel.

Documents that include short updates on caribou:

  Species At Risk 2003-2004
Alberta Species at Risk Program and Projects 2003-2004

  Species At Risk 2002-2003
Alberta species at risk program and projects 2002-2003, by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Fish and Wildlife Division.

  Species At Risk 2001-2002
Alberta species at risk program and projects 2001-2002, by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Fish and Wildlife Division.

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