Conserving northern Alberta's woodland caribou through knowledge and planning


The Boreal Caribou committee has recently evolved into a single Alberta Caribou Committee. More information about establishing the ACC is available by following this link.

The Alberta Caribou Committee formerly known as the Boreal Caribou Committee (BCC) is a community of Government, Industrial, and Academic partners. Together, we have worked for over a decade to integrate industrial activities in northern Alberta with the conservation of caribou and caribou habitat. This site contains a bounty of information regarding our research, caribou ecology, and resources for members. Welcome!



Interested in Becoming a Member?
See the Information Page... (more >>)



Mission Statement
To maintain woodland caribou in Alberta's boreal ecosystem while maintaining opportunities for resource development following the principles set by... (more >>)



Terms of Reference
The ACC Terms of Reference document in Acrobat Reader format is available here... (more >>)


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