New Parents: Five Tips Dental Hygienists Should Be Sharing

New parents might not know how invaluable a dentistry service can be. When you’re a new parent, you can be overwhelmed by the situation. There are lots of changes coming your way and there are a few things that take a back seat. Dental care, however, should be high on the list of your priorities as your infant requires good oral hygiene.

So, what tips should your dental hygienists be sharing with you?

Babies Need to Visit the Dentist from an Early Age

Every baby needs to visit the dentist from an early age. Now, newborn babies don’t typically need to visit the dentist. Most, however, should have their first visit at one year old. This can allow the child to get used to their new surroundings and ensure their oral hygiene is good. Getting used to visiting the dentist can be important for the child and their oral health.

Of course, if a tooth erupts before its first birthday, you should seek the advice of a dentistry service.

Gentle Care for Babies

It could be wise for parents to use a gingival tissue that is suitable for babies. Once the baby has been fed, use the tissue to wipe the inside of the mouth. For instance, wipe over the gums and where the teeth will erupt from. This introduces the baby to good oral health which can be vital for them in years to come. A dentist should be able to help you obtain the right wipes. Also click here to find more about Why Senior Oral and Dental Care is So Important.

Try to Avoid Prolonged Pacifier Use

Sucking on a pacifier (or thumb) can be something most babies do. However, prolonged pacifier use might not be such a good habit. It can cause oral issues later, including changing the oral cavity of the teeth. That is why parents should be encouraged to take a break from the pacifier. It can be useful and something your dentistry service will encourage too.

Wean the Baby Off the Bottle by Eighteen Months

Most babies feed from a bottle, regardless of whether it’s breastmilk or otherwise. However, bottle feeding should be weaned by eighteen months. The reason is again the interruption of the oral cavities. It will make a huge difference to the baby. You could use sippy cups for older infants too. Your dentist should be able to give you some advice.

Good Nutritional Habits Help Improve Oral Health

As a baby grows and moves onto solids, there is a range of new foods they eat. Unfortunately, many children don’t get enough nutritional vitamins and minerals in their diet. That could impact their oral health. Giving them high-sugar drinks and foods will increase the risk of cavities and poor oral health. Any dentistry service will tell you the importance of good nutritional habits. You can also read about Child Dental Benefits Schedule by visiting

Take Care of Your Infant’s Teeth to Avoid Trouble Later

Good dental care from an early age can help babies avoid dental issues later. It is something every new parent should think about. It not only makes life easier for them but their child. That’s why you need to know when to visit the dentist and introduce good nutritional habits from an early age too. You might also want to avoid prolonged pacifier use. Just make sure to keep regular appointments with your dentist to ensure your child’s oral health is good.

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