Pediatric Dentistry service

How to Prepare a Child for a Visit to a Pediatric Dentistry Service?

A pediatric Dentistry Service can be an important service for children everywhere. Good oral health starts at a young age and continues throughout their lives. Unfortunately, a lot of children have a fear of the dentist and it’s partly down to the fact they’re unprepared for the visit. The unknown is a scary prospect and can leave many children feeling vulnerable on their first visit. Fortunately, there are things you can do (both as a parent and dentist) to prepare a child for a dental visit.

So, how should you prep a child for a pediatric dentistry service visit?

Parents Should Explain to the Child the Role of a Dentistry Service

Whether your child is three, five, or older, it’s important to explain dental care and a visit to the dentist. While it sounds daunting, you can keep it simple and to the point. For instance, stress how important it is to clean your teeth. Talk about taking a trip to a dentistry service and how it’ll help teach them to brush properly. Don’t do into too much detail, just keep it simple and a child will be far less afraid to visit the dentist.

Dentists Should Show the Child Around the Practice

Children sometimes don’t like dentists and the idea of visiting one is scary. So, while a parent can have a sit-down with them, a dentist also needs to play their part. For instance, for new pediatric patients, have a tour around the practice. Schedule this five or ten minutes before the actual appointment and walk around the dental practice with both the parent and child. This is your time to shine as it’ll give the child time to ask about instruments and procedures.

It’s also the time to get the child used to the dentistry service and feel comfortable too. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prepare a child for a pediatric dental visit. It’s a simple walkthrough that lets the child know you’re friendly and what to expect during the check-up.

Give the Child Time to Ask Questions

As a dentist, you might not want to answer questions about basic things that most people know but for a child, it can be reassuring. For instance, if a patient asks why a scale and polish is necessary, let them know why. Be honest but keep the answers simple. Above all else, be friendly because a child is more likely to feel safe. You are there to treat them but also make sure the child feels comfortable visiting the dental practice again.

Keep the Child in the Know

Whether your child is visiting a dentist for the first time or moving to a new one, the first visit is always scary. It’s important the child is prepared for the visit so that they know what to expect and aren’t afraid. Children shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist and should be able to ask questions about their treatment. So, parents should explain the visit and the reason behind it, while dentists should give them a tour of the practice. A dentistry service can seem far less scary for children when they understand its importance. Read more: